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What Is The Paralegal Club?


The Paralegal Club is a community of seasoned and new paralegals exploring career growth opportunities and sharing the journey with each other while navigating the demanding world of law.

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01. A Star Is Born

I am a 30 year veteran in the legal field. I started in the late 80s in the legal department of film companies, of which two went belly up while I was their employee. 

While I learned both entertainment law and bankruptcy law from that experience, a more financially stable employer was found in an entertainment law firm. 

The entertainment law firm at which I worked with A level actors, directors and producers for almost 2 decades is still creating amazing deals and protecting their clients to this day.


02. Love Actually

Had I not fallen for a lad 150 miles down the road, I would still be working fast and furiously at that entertainment law firm.

Love drew me away from Los Angeles and to San Diego. 

Soon I found myself in the legal department of a pet speciality company, entrusted with a diverse range of duties: corporate governance, equity management, ethics and hotline oversight, litigation support, and supporting the company’s transformation from a privately held entity to a publicly traded company.

03. Road To Anywhere

Today I am providing virtual paralegal support from our travel trailer, while we explore the United States from the beaches of California to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

As long as there is internet connectivity, I can work anywhere and anywhere is where you will find me!

For those at the start, let’s launch your paralegal career! For all the mid-career paralegals, let’s make sure you are thriving, not just surviving!


Success architect

Why did I start the Paralegal Club?

The guidance of veteran legal assistants and attorneys set me on my successful legal career path. I want to do the same for legal assistants, both starting out and mid-career. For the legal assistants just starting their journey, let’s get that first position and start out on the right path to become a rockstar. For those in the middle of their journey, let’s avoid burnout, figure out when and how to change positions, hone skills to increase efficiency, and more.

To all my current and future rockstar legal assistants, enjoy all the Paralegal Club has to offer. Remember, together we’ll not just survive in the high pressure world of law, we’ll thrive!

Lori Pyne, Founder of The Paralegal Club

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Benefits of Joining The Paralegal Club

Community Support

Join a community of experienced and new paralegals supporting each others.


Learn from paralegals who have been where you are at, survived and thrived.

Survival Tips and Tricks

Discover the ways to survive in the high pressure world of law.


wisdom shared

Relevant resources shared in the newsletter and in the Facebook Group.


Learn how to work smarter and not harder.

Judgment free Zone

There are no stupid questions. Ask away in the member Q & A sessions.